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during trading
This first point is usually the fear of the trader because he does not believe in the strategy used. Usually, this is caused by a lack of knowledge about the strategy itself. If he hears that there is a trader who successfully runs a certain strategy, he will immediately investigate the use of the strategy. In fact, the strategies used by one trader with other traders may vary, with different levels of success. So if your trading mentality likes to follow along, then don't expect consistent success.مميزات شركة FXDD
    Today you hear trader A using strategy A. You then follow his strategy. A month later, you heard that trader B managed to profit using strategy B, also switched to following strategy B. Gradually, the use of various strategies and without this clear view could lead you to a "dead end". Until finally you also attend various seminars, buy lots of books, but not studied in depth. At the end of the trip, you feel tired and finally give up completely on the market.بونص فوركس
Usually, this kind of character is owned by conservative traders who are also perfectionists. He demanded a perfect strategy, but did not want Cut Loss at all. Instead of focusing on making money, this kind of trader would rather be right. As a result, he has difficulty believing in the strategies being implemented, even in his own abilities.arabyfx
The advice of senior traders to overcome this kind of mental block is to know the opportunities and risks that might be accepted during trading. By realizing that no trading strategy is truly accurate, a perfectionist attitude can be avoided. Having a firm attitude is needed to deal with markets that are often difficult to predict. Which must be prioritized and should be used as a whip during trading that is trying to realize a "Happy Ending"; at the end of each month or end of a certain period, capital grows. Trust the strategy and yourself, so you can focus fully on the execution process.

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