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How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter for your Next Job
Paradigms are changing in the labor market and you have to adjust to these
changes if you are a job seeker. Unlike the past, getting employment in Nigeria is not easy
anymore. And your cover letter must distinguish you from the crowd, otherwise you may not
even get an interview invite. However, this article will enlighten our readers on how to write
cover letter for jobs in Nigeria 2018.

You don’t need a soothsayer to know that there are jobs opportunities in Nigeria. But the
opportunities available are very few compare to the thousands of job seekers out there.
The best way to have a competitive advantage in the labor market is to have a unique cover
letter. Most people will tell you that you need to know somebody before you can get a job in
Nigeria, this is not true. If your CV and cover letter is impressive, you are a step further than
other applicants.

What Companies Are Looking For In A Cover Letter

Most job seekers have a wrong impression about Cover letter. To them, writing a very good
cover letter is difficult. However, this is not true, cover letter are really easy to write, especially if
you know what to do.

Furthermore, a cover letter should be very brief and concise. Don’t write unnecessary details.
Keep it as simple as possible.

When the concept of cover letter was first introduced in the labor market, during 1950s, detailed
information was required. During this time, it was a perfect opportunity for job seekers then to
give detail information about their experience, personality and skills.
However, with the emergence of social media platforms, your personality and identity can easily
be seen online. And you don’t need to write up to 350 words for your cover letter anymore.
So, your focus should be your qualification, communication skills, and learn to use the right
choice of words. This will definitely land you an interview. Remember, attending an interview is a
step closer to getting a job.

Tips On How To Write Cover Letter For jobs in Nigeria
Remember, you don’t know the person that will read your cover letter. And it must create a good
impression about you to be qualified for an interview invitation. So, what is the best approach to

As a rule, your the tone on your cover letter should suggest that you are humble and confident.
In other words, be passionate about the position you are applying for, humble about your career
achievement while sounding very confident about your skills. Furthermore, it should have the
background of a formal letter but brief and concise.
Ideally, a cover letter should have the following information, otherwise, it is incomplete.
The cover letter must contain the contact’s address of the applicant. Also, there should be date
at the top right corner of the letter.

It should also contain the recruiter’s address. The address is a step below the date at the left
hand corner of the writing sheet.

Applicants should sound both with humility and confidence. Always use the right choice of
words and good grammar.

State clearly what you can do for the company
Let the employer know why you are qualified for the job and why you should be invited for an
interview. Also, stress on how the role can help you build your career.
Common Mistakes to Avoid in Cover letter
Knowing the tips on how to write cover letter for jobs in Nigeria is not enough to land you your
dream job. You still have to avoid some common mistakes. Some of these mistakes are;
Don’t use the same cover letter for every job
The cover letter should be both sided. In other words, don’t concentrate only on your
experience, skills and personality alone. Also, consider what the employer wants.
As a rule, never emphasize on your weakness while writing your cover letter. Emphasize more
on your strength.

Sample of Cover Letter for Jobs in Nigeria
For applicants to be able to apply the tips on how to write cover letter for jobs in Nigeria very
well, the following cover letter sample will help.

John Benson,
10 Egbeda Road,
11th June, 2011.

The Human Resources Manager,

Dosh Interactive Limited,


Dear Sir,

I am applying for the position of Administrative Assitant with Dosh Interactive Limited
(DIL) based on the advertorial I saw online. I am a graduate of Business Management from
Igbenedion University, Okada. This position is an ideal opportunity to contribute the skills I have
gained from my professional experience, academic studies, and diverse background. I strongly
belief in the Vision of Dosh Interactive to Make the world a better place with the use of
technology. Thus, the reason for this application.

My organizational and communication skills are well demonstrated in my work experiences in
nonprofit, corporate and student organization settings. Currently, I work with XYZ limited which
shares similar responsibilities to the position at Dosh Interactive Limited. I provide administrative
support, focusing on maintaining a contact database of local artists, creating a new filing system
for the council and constructing e-mail campaigns. I have also worked at KPMG Audit Form, a
corporate environment where attention to detail was essential when managing client files and
proofreading financial statements.

As requested, I have enclosed my certifications, resume and three referees along with my

It is my earnest expectation that I get a heart warming reply and interview invitation.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

John Benson
So, these are the tips on how to write cover letter for jobs in Nigeria. Implement them the next
time you apply for job, and tell us the result. 

If you want more Business ideas and resources check our website.

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