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classmates to raise their ha
Growth is an endless ladder. Climbing step by step, looking back at the road when I came, smiled. Growth is molting time and again, molting is pain, bleeding, risk, and failure, but it is also the longing and expectation for the future. There are countless successes and joys in our growth, and they all need one thing-courage. I think answering questions is not a pleasant thing, because it makes me very embarrassed Marlboro Gold. Class. The teacher patiently addressed the questions for us. Those questions are simple and I can do them. But when the teacher was going to ask my classmates to raise their hands to answer the question Wholesale Cigarettes, I panicked. Maybe I'm lost, maybe I'm scared, or maybe I'm nervous, even if there are tens of millions of answers in my mind, I can't hold my hands for a while. The teacher stood on the podium and watched my classmates actively raise their hands, which highlighted me even more. As a result, the teacher came to me unexpectedly. I was a little flustered for a while, but soon pretended to be calm and stood still, and stood for seven or eight seconds, the laughter of my classmates interrupted the silence. Laughter? It's more of a mockery. Two red clouds flew on my face immediately. The teacher gave me a meaningful look and immediately asked me to sit down. After class. The teacher called me to the office. The tiles in the corridor were black and white. The weather was cloudless outside, but my heart was disturbed. The teacher asked me to sit down and said to me intently: "Zi Mo, this kind of question should not be ah, I know why you want you to be courageous and confident ..." I nodded a little chaotic head, my heart was secretly secretive After I was determined, I not only answered questions fluently and loudly, but also became more eager to learn, bolder and more positive. If growth is a rough sea, then courage is a fish that rises against the waves; if growth is The cold wind is cold, so courage is the rock pine standing in the wind; if growth is a dark night sky, then courage is the star that instructs us to move forward.
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